Sports (Football) Forecasting

To say college football is popular is a dramatic understatement. College football continues to grow in popularity; setting a record of 49,072,591 fans attending games in 2014. Most of these games are at venues that are outdoors, so the fans are exposed to the elements—this is where Firsthand Weather comes in. Firsthand Weather is excited to announce a forecasting venture for college football games in 2016.

We will provide forecasts for college football games to help keep the fans safe who attend the games, as well as the spectators who tailgate outside of the college football venues. Our main priority at Firsthand Weather is to keep our followers alert and safe. If you fancy the tailgating, but don’t fancy the weather, check out – you can tailgate from the comfort of your own garage, and still enjoy the highs and lows that come with rooting for your favourite team.

Let us remember that weather plays a big influence on football games, too, outside of safety of the fans. Rain or snow can impact the passing game dramatically. Wind can have a direct impact on passing the ball, as well as field goal and extra point attempts. And, temperatures can impact the hardness of the ball.

These forecasts will cover precipitation chances, air temperature (including heat index and wind chill), and wind speed/direction for kickoff and halftime. The forecast will be released Thursday afternoon so Thursday, Friday, and Saturday games can be covered (as well as any odd-ball games that may fall on a Sunday or Monday).

With there being 128 NCAA Division I FBS teams, in 2016 we will cover a couple conferences, and expand to all conferences by 2017. This is where we need YOUR help. Let us know if this would be a service you would be interested in (it’s FREE). If it is, please let us know which conference the football team you follow is in. The three most popular conferences, based on YOUR vote, will receive the forecasts in 2016. Please select the conference in the poll below, and if you are not interested, just select not interested. Thank you!

(Also, if this becomes a popular idea for you all, I may include my personal football game predictions at the bottom of each forecast. I am a HUGE college football fan!)