Firsthand Weather is introducing Fan Subscriptions

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We're trying something new!

We are excited to offer a new forecasting service on Firsthand Weather for the first 1,000 people who sign up. Since we began, our success has been driven by the generous donations made by our fans and their commitment to spreading the word about Firsthand Weather. Facebook offers a new Fan Subscriptions service that allows pages like Firsthand Weather to receive monthly contributions from their followers. The page has the flexibility to offer services as a ‘thank you’ for its followers’ monthly contributions. Although we greatly appreciate any contributions that we receive, we want to give you something in return for your generosity.

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What you will get out of Fan Subscriptions
  • An extended-range weather forecast by Matthew Holliday every other Sunday at 8pm ET

    This forecast discussion will cover all regions of the United States and cover the upcoming 1 to 4-week period. During the winter, Matthew will discuss upcoming pattern changes, winter storm potentials, etc. During the summer, he’ll discuss potential tropical activity, heat waves, etc. For those of you who enjoy getting the science behind the forecast, you’ll really appreciate this forecast.

  • A weekly weather forecast for the upcoming week and weekend every Sunday at 3pm ET

    This weekly, short-range forecast discussion will cover the upcoming 5 to 7-day period and include all regions of the United States. Christopher and Matthew will cover big weather events, along with general weather conditions expected across each region. Of course, we’ll throw some science in as well, but this forecast will mainly focus on what weather conditions to expect over the short to medium range.

  • An end-of-the week live video forecast discussion

    Every Friday, Christopher will do a live video forecast discussion, while Matthew responds to your questions during and after the video. These videos will give us the opportunity to get feedback from you, improve our services, and help you prepare for weather in your local region or during your travel. The content presented in these videos will heavily be influenced by your feedback and questions that you ask throughout the week.

  • Our email

    We will provide you with our email so that you can get in contact with us personally. This avenue will allow you to get clarification on any questions that you have about our forecasts. If you have any upcoming travel, we will answer your questions about anticipated weather conditions. Our hope is that this service will provide you with information beyond what you could get from a mobile app. All we ask is that you don’t abuse this service.

  • Early access to seasonal forecasts and future products

    Beginning in 2020, you will receive early access to our seasonal products. Furthermore, you will receive early access to future products that could eventually become live on our website or on a mobile app. We’ll incorporate your feedback to improve all of the services we provide to you.

  • Access to the Fan Subscriptions Facebook group

    The Fan Subscriptions Facebook group will provide you with another avenue to ask us questions. Remember, we’re here to help in any way that we can!

Questions that you may have

We are here to answer any questions that you may have about our new service.

Your monthly contribution really will make a difference

We hope that you will consider joining this service. Your monthly contribution will allow us to offer products and services in the future that we believe will greatly benefit everyone. We genuinely appreciate your continued support, and we hope that our weather forecasts keep you as excited about the weather as we are on a daily basis!

How do I decide if this service is for me?

If you stand behind Firsthand Weather’s mission and feel that you’d enjoy and benefit from weekly and bi-weekly weather forecast discussions (short and long-range), then you most definitely should consider contributing. If you subscribe and then later decide you don’t need this service, you can cancel at any time.

Do you plan on offering this service exclusively through Facebook?

Initially, yes. All payment will be processed through Facebook. This is a unique opportunity since Facebook currently takes none of the monthly contributions. Starting in January 2020, Facebook plans on taking a 30% cut from monthly subscription contributions. However, we will never have to pay 30% on the subscriptions we receive prior to 2020. We’ll continue making this service available to those who sign up in 2019, but at the beginning of 2020, we will likely not take new subscribers unless we have the resources to make it happen.

How will I receive the written and video forecast discussions?

We will send the written forecasts directly to your email as an attached PDF. The weekly Facebook live forecast discussion will happen on the Fan Subscriptions Facebook group page. If there is enough interest, we will also post these forecasts on our website that can be accessed via a username and password.

Where will these monthly contributions go?

On Firsthand Weather, we believe transparency is key. We want to begin limiting the amount of Google ads on our website. We plan on generating revenue via local sponsors, affiliate marketing, and crowdsourcing. We simply want to promote local businesses and services that we use ourselves. Since our goal is to release a mobile app that is free for public download, we need the resources to make that happen. Furthermore, we plan on releasing free forecast products and services via our website and mobile app. As we grow, we will tell you what has and hasn’t worked for us. Hopefully, you can use that information to help propel your businesses and dreams.