North Georgia and Atlanta Metro Video Forecast: June 6, 2022

You probably noticed the stickiness meter ratcheting up a few notches today as dewpoints well into the 60s surged back into North Georgia. Along with the increased humidity, isolated showers & storms popped up this afternoon/evening. If you missed out, don’t worry, more rain chances are in the forecast, which is great news for your lawns and gardens.

Isolated to scattered storms are expected Tuesday afternoon, some of which could produce gusty winds and small hail. More widespread rain chances enter the forecast Wednesday and again Friday into early Saturday. When all is said and done, North Georgia could see 1-3 inches of rain.

North Georgia and Atlanta Metro Video Forecast: June 5, 2022

A dry and seasonal Sunday is expected for North Georgia and the Atlanta Metro. Temperatures will climb back into the mid to upper 80s. Luckily, dewpoints are still pleasant for this time of the year so it won’t feel too sticky.

The stickiness meter starts to increase for the workweek with dewpoints climbing back into the 60s. This will make it a touch uncomfortable during the afternoon hours and allow for isolated storms each afternoon. Temperatures for highs will be in the upper 80s to around 90 with lows in the mid to upper 60s for the workweek.

Two better rain chances arrive Wednesday and then Friday into Saturday. Still some questions on the timing and placement of the heaviest rain but right now it looks like North Georgia could see at least half an inch of rain over the next 7-days with possible amounts exceeding an inch. Great news for gardeners!

North Georgia and Atlanta Metro Video Forecast: June 3, 2022

A pleasant, seasonal weekend is shaping up for north Georgia and the Atlanta Metro thanks to a weak cold front. This cold front continues to slowly ooze south leaving behind a direr northwesterly flow, dropping temperatures and dewpoints. It’ll feel quite a bit more comfortable Saturday and Sunday morning before temperatures do start to creep back up on Sunday. Overall, temperatures stay in the low to mid-80s Saturday afternoon after starting out in the upper 50s and lower 60s. But temperatures Sunday afternoon do get closer to the upper 80s. Humidity increases to start the workweek with temperatures flirting with 90 along with isolated storm chances for the afternoons.

Tropical Storm Warnings issued ahead of soon-to-be Alex

Tropical Storm Warnings have been issued for the southern half of the Florida Peninsula ahead of a tropical system that will likely become Tropical Storm Alex over the next few hours.

The system is currently in the southern Gulf of Mexico and has been designated Potential Tropical Cyclone One, which has allowed for the issuing of Tropical Storm Warnings in Florida. This tropical system has observed a strengthening low pressure with an increase in showers and thunderstorms associated with the area of low pressure.

Further strengthening is expected throughout Friday and Alex should be designated late Friday. The system will then move ENE toward south Florida over the weekend, making landfall Saturday afternoon south of Tampa.

Upon landfall, Alex should remain a weak tropical storm due to enough wind shear over the Gulf preventing rapid intensifying, but regardless of the intensity, widespread heavy rain and gusty winds are expected for the southern half of the Florida Peninsula where the Tropical Storm Warnings are in effect.

Rain arrives Friday night and continues throughout Saturday. A widespread 3-8 inches is expected with isolated amounts around 10-12 inches are possible. This could lead to areas of flooding.

Along with the heavy rain and flood potential, tropical storm force winds and isolated tornadoes are possible. The tornado threat begins Friday afternoon for south Florida and continues into Saturday.

Impacts from this system depart Florida on Sunday as the system races NE into the open Atlantic. Additional slight strengthening is possible once the system moves over the warm Atlantic waters off the east coast of Florida but no additional impacts to the U.S. will be felt.

North Georgia and Atlanta Metro Video Forecast: June 1, 2022

It was a toasty one today and Thursday is shaping up to be hot too with many areas climbing into the lower 90s. Northwestern parts of the region will stay in the upper 80s. Heat indices will climb into the mid-90s south of the Atlanta Metro. Stay hydrated and protect your pets.

A weak cold front arrives Thursday afternoon in northwestern parts of the area, increasing rain chances to around 30 to 40%. Storms could produce gusty winds and small hail and dump a quick half an inch of rain. Temperatures and dewpoints come down behind the cold front.

Friday morning will be pleasant with some areas falling into the 50s. Have some coffee outside, and temperatures Friday afternoon and over the weekend for highs will largely stay in the 80s with lower humidity.

North Georgia and Atlanta Metro Video Forecast: May 31, 2022

Tuesday’s temperatures are on the warm to hot side in the upper 80s to around 90 degrees with dewpoints in the 60s making it a little stickier. Isolated storms are possible through the evening hours closer to the Tennessee/North Carolina line for northern Georgia but coverage is less than 20%.

Warmer temperatures are on the way Wednesday and Thursday with many areas climbing into the 90s. Heat indices will climb into the mid-90s. Stay hydrated and protect your pets.

A weak cold front arrives late Thursday increasing rain chances slightly for northwestern Georgia. Storms could produce gusty winds and small hail. Temperatures come down a few degrees into the 80s behind the cold front as it moves through all of north Georgia overnight Thursday.

Tropical development likely in the Gulf, impacts possible for Florida

The remnants of Hurricane Agatha, the first Eastern Pacific system of the season, have a chance to develop later this week over the Bay of Campeche or the western Caribbean.

Agatha upon landfall Monday evening in southern Mexico was ripped apart by the high terrain of the region. While the system has lost its intensity and tropical characteristics, some of the energy from the system will reemerge over the southwestern Gulf of Mexico/western Caribbean around midweek.

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As this energy moves over the warm waters of the region, it could slowly develop into a tropical system. Initially, development looks to be slow due to strong wind shear over the region. However, models suggest the wind shear will relax by late week, potentially allowing for a tropical depression or weak tropical storm to develop.

It’s uncertain where this broad area of low pressure could consolidate into a tropical cyclone and that will have an impact on the exact track. Regardless, it appears southern and possibly central Florida could see impacts in the form of tropical moisture so regardless of this system becoming tropical in nature, moisture should move into this region late week into the weekend.

The National Hurricane Center gives this system a 60% chance to develop into a tropical cyclone over the coming days. If it does develop, it should remain on the weak side. The 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season begins June 1.

North Georgia & Atlanta forecast: Monday, May 30, 2022

The summer-like weather pattern continues for north Georgia with warm to hot temperatures and sticky dewpoints. Highs today will climb into the upper 80s for most areas with lower 90s for most of north Georgia by Wednesday.

Isolated storms are possible late this afternoon and evening, especially the closer you get to the Atlanta Metro but rain chances are around 20-30% so most areas will remain dry. But keep this in mind if you have any outdoor plans. Move indoors if you hear thunder or see lightning.

We dry out through the middle of the week as temperatures go up! Slight uptick in rain chances by the end of the week with a few degrees shaven off of the highs.