3 Day Rainfall Map

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More Texas & Oklahoma Flooding That Will Spread Northeast

I am going to keep tonight’s update brief since I sent out a reasonably detailed newsletter last night, which hopefully most of you have already read by now. As soon as I hit the send button last night, I realized that I forgot to include a couple images, so those are included in this update.

Discussion On Potential Flooding From OK/TX Into Central MS Valley/Ohio Valley:

We are reverting back into a similar pattern that many of us became accustomed to last month. Bermuda high pressure is beginning to build back into the Southeast from the Atlantic, which is really going to heat the temperatures back up into 90s across many regions, especially as the week progresses. A cold front currently extends from the Plains up into the Upper Midwest and is going to continue to push southeast before it eventually stalls out by mid-week over the Ohio Valley. It’s not hard to pick out the cold front that extends across the Plains on the current temperature map below.

Current Temperatures

A trough is going to continue to build into the Southwest, which will push pieces of energy into the Southern Plains. As a response to the overall pattern, surface low pressure is going to likely develop by early to mid-week and move across parts of the Texas Panhandle/Oklahoma, dumping copious amounts of rain. It’ll continue to move northeast, pushing heavy rain into southeast Kansas, Missouri, northern Arkansas, and eventually into the Ohio Valley. Luckily, eastern Texas will be dodging all of this rain. I posted WPC’s 3 day rainfall map (in inches) below to give you a better idea of where the heaviest rain could fall.

3 Day Rainfall Map

As you can see, heavy amounts of rain are on the way. There will be some areas that will easily pick up 4 to 6+ inches of rain with locally higher amounts. Flooding must always be taken seriously, and keep in mind that almost all of the regions that will be getting this rain have already gotten flooding rains over the last several weeks.