Voluntary Emergency Evacuation Order (Houston)

The Army Corps of Engineers will likely release water from the Addicks and Barker reservoirs beginning Monday morning at 2:00AM CDT (Addicks) and 11:00AM CDT (Barker).

What are the Addicks and Barker reservoirs?
The Addicks and Barker reservoirs are 26,000 acres of reservoirs close to 17 miles west of downtown Houston. These large reservoirs are the considered the largest municipal park reservoirs in the United States, and were engineered to help protect downtown Houston and the Houston Ship Channel (includes Galveston) from flooding.

What does the water release mean?
The release of water from the reservoirs will cause flooding to some neighborhoods downstream, and the Buffalo Bayou will rise about five inches per hour. According to city officials, voluntary evacuations are expected to be issued for residents near these reservoirs. Please listen to the County Officials of Harris and Fort Bend Counties if you’re in this area. They are currently in coordination to evacuate certain areas. Here are the neighborhoods that have a voluntary emergency evacuation order in place:

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