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4th Of July Forecast

I know many of you have holiday plans and travel plans for the 4th of July, so what’s the weather looking like for the lower-48? Well, it’s actually an overall calm picture; what you would expect for this time of the year. We do not have any major tropical systems moving towards the coast, which is great news. Please see the region-by-region breakdown of the forecast below this graphic!

Afternoon showers and thunderstorms are possible across the region. The greatest chance lies along the coast due to afternoon sea-breeze activity; however, isolated storm chances exist further inland, too. Any storm will be capable of producing gusty winds and frequent lightning, so stay weather alert. For locations along the Gulf Coast, please watch out for waterspouts, rip currents, and lightning. Afternoon temperatures will top out in the mid to upper 80’s with high humidity. Drink plenty of water!

It is going to be very pleasant in this region. Isolated showers are possible in southern portions of the region, but should not be too widespread. Temperatures will top out close to 70 degrees–it’s going to be very nice!

Afternoon storms are possible across this entire region. Any storm will be capable of frequent lighting, flash flooding, and gusty winds. Please remain weather alert if you’re on the Texas Coast or local lakes. Afternoon highs will be in the 80’s and low 90’s with high humidity. Make sure you’re hydrated!

Overall it should be a nice 4th of July for this region. Partly cloudy skies should dominate with high temperatures nears 80.

It’s going to be HOT! Temperatures should top out in the upper 90’s to over 100. A few areas may luck out and pick up a couple storms (especially in southern Arizona/southern New Mexico). These areas with storm chances need to watch out for lightning, gusty winds, and as always, and storm in arid regions can produce quick flash flooding. Remain alert if you’re in a canyon of dry creek bed. Storms upstream can cause flooding in your area even if you haven’t observed any rainfall.

HOT, HOT, HOT! It’s going to be hot in this region with a high fire danger! If you’re in this area, please remain vigilant and do not do anything that could spark a wildfire. Temperatures will be int he 90’s and 100’s so drink plenty of water and Gatorade!