A cold, snowy winter predicted

As the days grow shorter and cooler, the winter outlooks start to roll out. A few weeks back, the Farmer’s Almanac released its winter outlook for the United States, and just recently, the Old Farmer’s Almanac just released its 2021-2022 Winter Weather Forecast.

Old Farmer’s Almanac Winter Outlok

If you’re a winter weather lover, you’re going to love this outlook. The Old Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a cold winter for much of the country with above-average precipitation, leading to increased wintery weather threats (i.e. snow, sleet, and ice). Even parts of the South and Southeast are forecast to see quite a bit of wintry weather. Farther west, the Southwest, West Coast, and Hawaii are forecast to see a warmer winter.

This is the Old Farmers’ Almanac’s winter forecast, not Firsthand Weather’s. Firsthand Weather’s official 2021-22 Winter Outlook will be released in the coming weeks. For an early release of FHW’s Winter Outlook, join the Supporter Group where the 2021-22 Winter Outlook will be released early (in a couple of weeks) along with a video detailing the winter for the supporters.