A prolonged period of severe weather is on the way

An active severe weather period is expected over the next 5 days. Each day from Saturday (October 23) through Wednesday (October 27) will have a chance for severe storms. All modes of severe weather are expected. This includes tornadoes, damaging winds, and large hail. It appears Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are days that could feature higher severe weather chances with a higher probability of tornadoes.

See the images below for the severe weather chances over the next several days. Light green (general thunderstorms), dark green (marginal severe risk–level 1 of 5), yellow (slight risk–level 2 of 5), and orange (enhanced risk–level 3 of 5). It is possible upgrades are required over the coming days.

Saturday severe risk

Sunday severe risk

Monday severe risk

Tuesday severe risk

Wednesday severe risk