Wednesday, December 15, 2021 7:23 PM

An unprecedented severe weather outbreak is expected this afternoon and evening

Christopher Nunley

An unprecedented severe weather outbreak is likely this afternoon and evening for parts of the Midwest. The Storm Prediction Center has issued a rare moderate severe risk (level 4 of 5), for this time of the year and location, for the possibility of numerous severe thunderstorms.

Today’s severe risk area

Thunderstorms are developing in the Plains, will quickly become severe, and move into the Midwest later this afternoon and evening. These storms will have the capability to produce 70-100 mph winds, tornadoes, and hail. A few of the tornadoes could be strong.

The severe risk area includes highly populated areas. Parts of eastern Nebraska, Iowa, southeastern Minnesota, and southwestern Wisconsin are within the moderate severe risk area. This includes Des Moines and Omaha. An enhanced, slight, and the marginal severe risk extends outside of the moderate risk area, which includes Lincoln, Cedar Rapids, Sioux City, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Kansas City, and Tulsa. The highest tornado risk is within the moderate severe risk area with an appreciable tornado risk in the enhanced and sight risk areas.

If you’re in or near this area, please listen to all warnings and have a way to receive warnings throughout the remainder of the day.