Another 2021-2022 Winter Outlook

Another day, another winter outlook. Accuweather released its 2021-2022 U.S. Winter Forecast this week. The outlook is calling for a busy winter from coast to coast with some similarities to last winter.

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The reason for the similarities is due to La Niña. La Niña can be a big driving factor during the winter months across the U.S. and that is forecast to be the same this season based on this winter outlook. This forecast from Accuweather is predicting a weather polar vortex that may allow for big Arctic air masses to push into the lower-48.

Accuweather’s Winter Outlook

Two other publications have recently released winter outlooks.

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This is Accuweather’s winter forecast, not Firsthand Weather’s. Firsthand Weather’s official 2021-22 Winter Outlook will be released in the coming weeks.