Big Cool Down On The Way!

Tired of the heat? You’re in luck if you live across the parts of the South, Northeast, and Midwest. A big break in the recent heat will begin to take place late this week into the weekend. The upper-level high that has kept the east very hot, will begin to weaken and shift westward late this week. The retrograding of this high will allow a trough to dip into the Northeast, which will send a cold front southward into areas east of the Mississippi this weekend. The air behind the cold front will be much drier and cooler. Temperatures will drop 5-15 degrees in some areas (especially across the Midwest and Northeast).

Friday High Temperature Anomalies

Saturday High Temperature Anomalies

Sunday High Temperature Anomalies

While it won’t be cold outside, or even chilly, temperatures fall to near to slightly below normal for parts of the South, Midwest, and Northeast. This will end the Excessive Heat Warnings and Heat Advisories. Temperatures should moderate by early next week.