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Blizzard From Washington, DC to Boston on Tuesday and Wednesday Becomes More Likely!

This is an extremely complex forecast! The point of this is to give everyone that lives from the Carolinas and north a heads up on the possibility of a blizzard on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week! A very large area of bitter cold air up in the western part of Canada will be moving very fast along an Arctic cold front into the Southeast U.S. and all the way down to the Gulf Coast! Today we expect high temperatures in the Upstate of SC and northeast Ga to be around 60 degrees F while the high temps in the same locations tomorrow will drop into the mid 30s. That is a 30 degree temperature drop in 24 hours! So, you can see how cold the air behind this Arctic Front is going to be!

As this front moves into the Southeast, a deep low pressure system is expected to form somewhere along the coastal waters and move northeast just off the U.S. Atlantic Coast and move northeast all the way up into eastern Canada over the next 3 days or so putting down snow from NC all the way up to Boston and beyond! This very well could become a blizzard with 8 to 12 inches of snow from DC to Boston and all locations in between. As we better understand this system as it comes together, we will have a better idea about snow totals later tonight. We just wanted to be sure that everyone realized the possibility of a blizzard exists!

Our last run from the GFS shows a much deeper surface low that it did not show before. As we have trended more to heavy snow, it seems prudent to go with the trend. If the next computer runs confirms our current thinking about this storm, we are in trouble! Then it would seem likely for a blizzard to occur in the big cities to the north which would effect millions of people with only a very short notice to get ready for this thing!

We also are looking at the possibility of a major blizzard in the last week of Jan. 2014 as the polar vortex moves south once again to a position over the Great Lakes, which will pull down the coldest air so far this winter with many zero and below temperature readings all the way into the deep South! Come back to Firsthand Weather or listen to your NOAA Weather Radio for the latest on this possible blizzard on Tuesday and Wednesday! Be sure to also follow us on Facebook!

Latest NAM for tomorrow at 3 pm ET.

Latest NAM for tomorrow at 3 pm ET.