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Eyes on the next big cold front for the eastern half of the country

Tracking the next strong cold front that will deliver a cold air mass to the eastern half of the country for the first half of Thanksgiving week. Cold air will begin spilling out of Canada into the Northern Plains on Sunday. This cold air mass will rush south and east into the Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, and Tennesse Valley overnight Sunday. The colder air will eventually make its way into the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast throughout the day on Monday. This colder air will stick around through Wednesday of Thanksgiving week. Take a look at the full Thanksgiving week forecast!

Temperature departure from average Sunday (November 21) through Wednesday (November 24)

Temperatures will be 10-25 degrees below average for some areas along and east of the Mississippi River from Monday through Wednesday. This means high temperatures will struggle to even hit the freezing mark for parts of the Great Lakes and Northeast. Even high temperatures in the 40s are expected for parts of the Tennesse Valley and Southeast. Some 30s are expected for the mountains in North Carolina and Tennessee. Go ahead and get the firewood ready! Join the Firsthand Weather Supporter Group today!

Southeast high-temperature forecast Monday (November 22)
Southeast high-temperature forecast Tuesday (November 23)
Southeast high-temperature forecast Wednesday (November 24)
East high-temperature forecast Monday (November 22)
East high-temperature forecast Tuesday (November 23)
East high-temperature forecast Wednesday (November 24)

If that’s not cold enough for ya, take a look at the morning lows. Many areas east of the Mississippi will fall below freezing. 20s are likely into parts of the Tennessee Valley and Southeast with 10s farther north. Brr!

Southeast low-temperature forecast Monday (November 22)
Southeast low-temperature forecast Tuesday (November 23)
Southeast low-temperature forecast Wednesday (November 24)
East low-temperature forecast Monday (November 22)
East low-temperature forecast Tuesday (November 23)
East low-temperature forecast Wednesday (November 24)

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