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Fake Irma Forecast!

The National Weather Service (NWS) is sending a message to the public after a fake forecast went viral on social media. A Facebook profile with the name “Joe Maley” posted a fake forecast on Facebook, which quickly went viral–receiving more than 37,000 shares. The image shared on Facebook used a National Hurricane Center (NHC) map depicting Hurricane Irma moving towards Texas. This post, which many believed to be authentic, fed into the fears that Texans currently have after being heavily impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

FAKE Forecast Posted On Facebook

The NWS was quick to respond on Twitter today stating: “Keep your eyes out for fake forecasts. THIS is what an official NOAA advisory looks like. Note: forecast only goes out 5 days. #Irma.” The FAKE forecast on Facebook was eventually deleted today.

Statement From NWS

For official forecasts from the NHC, please click HERE!