Firsthand Weather Newsletter

Beginning in March, I am going to start issuing a bi-weekly newsletter every other Sunday, and this is something that you don’t want to miss out on! I am only going to be able to allow 2,000 subscribers to sign up, and I expect those slots to fill up really fast! In other words, if you don’t sign up tonight or tomorrow, then it’ll probably be too late! Allow me to list a few reasons as to why you want to sign up for this newsletter.

  1. You will get early access to many of my forecasts before they are made public on the site. More times than not, I am keeping my eye on a potential storm system before I even mention it on the site. You will get an inside-look into what I’m currently thinking and an inside-look as to what goes into these forecasts.

  2. I will let you in on special release dates for some of the big seasonal outlooks that Firsthand Weather puts out. For example, I may announce to you the release date of a Winter Outlook or a Hurricane Outlook several days before I make that information available to the public. In some special cases, I will release portions of these seasonal outlooks to the subscribers before I post them on the site or social media.

  3. Firsthand Weather is in the beginning stages of building an app for all mobile devices. The 2,000 subscribers of this newsletter will be the group that gets to test this app out before it is released to the public. In other words, the subscribers will get access to this app months before it is released to the public, and I will be able to get feedback from the subscribers. My early guess is that all of this will take place during the 2014 summer.

  4. Firsthand Weather is currently working on some amazing projects, and a lot of those services won’t be available for months, maybe even years. A lot of what you see today on Firsthand Weather was in the planning stages back in 2009 and 2010, so there is A LOT of planning that goes into all of this. While I have to be extremely careful what I let out to the public on these projects early on, I will let our subscribers in on some of the amazing things happening and may even try to get some suggestions from them.

There will be many more benefits to signing up for this newsletter than the ones listed! If you’re one of the 2,000 that gets on the newsletter list, please don’t release any information to the public. Once I make certain information public, then you’re more than welcomed to talk about it on social media and the internet.

I am very excited about this, and I hope you’re one of the 2,000 that makes it on the list. Please fill out the form below!! All you need to provide is your email, first name, and last night!

Update: The Firsthand Weather newsletter has already filled up! Thank you to all of you that signed up!