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Firsthand Weather T-shirt Campaign – Get Yours Now!

As many of you know, we have launched our t-shirt campaign with a goal of selling 250 t-shirts. It is a limited edition t-shirt that only costs $19.95, and you have until Wednesday, July 2nd to get one! The reason we are doing this campaign at Firsthand Weather is to raise money for the website and several projects including a mobile app. Firsthand Weather will be 4 years old on July 13th, and we have been able to operate this site with little cost. Our goal is to keep Firsthand Weather free and offer new products and apps that are also free. As with anything, it does cost money to make all of this happen, and in order to do this, we are going to try to raise money throughout this year to fund some of these big projects. Also, site upgrades will be made that will allow the site to run more efficiently and not crash when we have high traffic.

I am beyond appreciative of those who have already bought a t-shirt, and if we reach our goal of 250 shirts sold, you will get your shirt. If for some reason we don’t reach our goal, you will receive a refund after July 2nd. We could really use your help! If you think you’ll be getting a t-shirt in a few days but not tonight, shoot me a private message on Facebook, and let me know!

Please click here to order a t-shirt and check out our campaign.

As of right now, I plan on releasing an early 2014-15 winter forecast on Sunday, June 29th. That is assuming that I get the hosting renewed on time with no issues. This will NOT be an official Firsthand Weather winter outlook but will just be some research that I have done so far on this upcoming winter.

Firsthand Weather Limited Edition T-shirt

Firsthand Weather Limited Edition T-shirt