Frost Advisory issued for parts of the Southeast and Carolinas

A chilly night is in the forecast for the South, Southeast, Tennessee Valley, and Carolinas. Temperatures will fall into the 40s with quite a few areas dipping into the 30s. The 30s are most likely across Tennessee, northern Mississippi, northern and central Alabama, northern Georgia, Upstate South Carolina, and the mountains and western North Carolina. This is where temperatures will fall between 33 and 39 degrees tonight. Join the Firsthand Weather Supporter Group today!

Fig. 1: Monday morning temperatures

Taking a deeper dive into the temperatures tonight, here is a look at more localized temperatures across northern Georgia and the Carolinas tonight.

Fig. 2: Monday morning temperatures for north Georgia

Fig. 3: Monday morning temperatures for the Carolinas

Because of the temperatures falling into the 30s, Frost Advisories have been issued for northeastern Georgia, western Tennessee, and the mountains of North Carolina tonight and early Monday morning. Frost is also possible outside of the Frost Advisory for the aforementioned areas that will fall into the 30s. Make sure you protect sensitive vegetation. Here is a look at the Frost Advisory (areas shaded in blue). Join the Firsthand Weather Supporter Group today!

Frost Advisory

Join the Firsthand Weather Supporter Group today!