Sunday, March 27, 2022 4:14 PM

Growing concerns of a tornado outbreak this week

Christopher Nunley

Firsthand Weather is monitoring the potential for a multi-day severe weather event from Tuesday through Thursday ranging from the Southern Plains to the Mid-Atlantic. There’s increased concern for a potential severe & tornado outbreak on Wednesday for the Deep South & Mid-South. All the ingredients are coming together to support numerous thunderstorms that could be discrete in nature producing several tornadoes throughout the day Wednesday into the evening hours. While there are still some questions and the event is a few days out, it appears strong, violent tornadoes are possible from eastern Louisiana, southeastern Arkansas, Mississippi & western Alabama

Because of the appreciable severe threat on Wednesday, the Storm Prediction Center has already outlined parts of the South within a slight (yellow – level 2/5) & enhanced (orange – level 3/5) severe risk. It’s likely additional areas will be included & an upgrade to at least a moderate (level 4/5) severe risk will be issued over the coming days.

Wednesday’s severe risk

If you live in or near the severe risk area, please go ahead and begin planning for potentially significant severe weather on Wednesday. Have a plan in place a warning is issued for your area, know what to do if a warning is issued, and have reliable weather sources to receive these warnings & forecast updates from. Stay tuned!