High-impact storm may create severe storms and bring snow to the Southeast

The likelihood of a high-impact storm across the South, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast, post-Thanksgiving, is increasing. This storm looks to provide a variety of weather; from severe storms to wintry weather. The dynamic storm will begin to slowly take shape across the Southern Plains & Mid-South over the holiday weekend and quickly move northeast into early next week.

The Southern Plains & Mid-South will see heavy rain & isolated severe storms over the weekend before the storm really gets its act together early next week.

72-hour rainfall forecast

Friday thunderstorm outlook

Saturday thunderstorm outlook

The storm will ratchet-up a notch as a split jet-stream pattern allows two potent upper-level disturbances, one in the southern branch of the jet stream and one in the northern branch of the jet stream, to merge early next week over the eastern-third of the country. This will allow a potent surface low pressure to develop in the Southeast and ride up the East Coast.

Upper-level pattern early next week

Future radar Monday morning

Future radar Tuesday morning

On the east side of the low pressure, warm & moist air will be pulled into the system. This will be a favorable environment for showers and storms. On the west side of the low, cold air will filter into the system. This may allow for light snow to fall across parts of the Southeast late-Monday into early-Tuesday morning. It appears Tennessee, northern Mississippi, northern Alabama, northern Georgia, and western North Carolina may see this wintry precipitation

As always, it will be a battle between the cold air and moisture. Will the cold air move in before the moisture departs? That’s the million dollar question. Firsthand weather will continue to evaluate this over the coming days, but there is growing concern that parts of the Southeast may see a quick chance for wintry weather.

The snow threat will extend northeast into the Appalachians early to middle next week as the low moves northeast and continues to pull in cold air into the system.

Future radar early Wednesday

Regardless or wintry weather, appreciable precipitation & cooler temperatures are in the forecast for the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast early next week. Widespread 1-3″ of rain are likely and there’s a strong likelihood of below average temperatures for the South & Southeast.

7-day precipitation forecast

Temperature forecast first week of December

This event is still several days out, and per usual, there are uncertainties regarding the exact details of the storm. Keep checking back for updates!