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Hot, Cool, and Everything In Between

I’m going to keep tonight’s article very brief, but I do want to give you an overview as to what’s going to happen through the rest of this week. Many have asked if there is any relief in sight from this awful heat, and the answer is yes for some of you and no for others.


A cold front currently stretches from the Northeast down through the northern Gulf Coast states into the Southern Plains, and it is going to continue to slowly move south and eventually stall out. Although much of the Southeastern U.S. will not see any major heat relief from this front, the central and northern Plains, the Ohio Valley, parts of the Tennessee Valley, the Great Lakes, and the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast will feel the effects of this front. In fact, some of these regions already have cooled down, and the biggest difference felt will be the decrease in humidity.

The Tennessee Valley, the Mississippi Valley, and into the Gulf Coast states will be the area to watch for thunderstorm development over the next few days right around that stalled frontal boundary, and the humidity is going to make it feel very hot. It’s actually been a bit cooler this month across parts of the Southeast, but it’s very hard to tell in the very sticky environment.

WPC’s 3 Day Rainfall Forecast:

3 day rainfall

As the week progresses, the heat is really going to build across the central United States due to a strengthening upper-level ridge. This heat will affect the Plains and eventually expand eastward towards the Great Lakes into the Ohio Valley. The Southeast will remain pretty hot but seasonable in many locations. Regions west of the Rockies will generally be cooler, and many of those areas could get some rainfall, although not all locations.

NAM Forecasted Temps For Late Friday Afternoon:

nam temperature forecast

If you live along the Gulf Coast or Southeast Coast, be sure to keep a close watch on the tropics over the next several days going into this weekend/next week. These stalled frontal boundaries are notorious for causing some issues in the tropics, so if anything pops up, I’ll definitely be making you aware of it.