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How Do You Receive Tornado Warnings?

Considering the severe weather season has been incredibly quiet so far this year, most people probably haven’t given too much thought to tornadoes or damaging thunderstorms lately. Meteorologists are always trying to find ways to make sure people are warned ahead of the storm, but despite all of the warnings that go out, some people still say they had no warning after a storm or tornado hits.

I started thinking about this today, and I just wanted to do a quick poll to see which method you use most often to get a warning on a coming storm. For example, you may rely solely on your weather radio, or instead you may look to a mobile app to send you a push notification. Some of you may have multiple ways to get warned.

It’s always important to heed any warning that go out, especially tornado warnings. You may think that your area won’t be impacted, but it often happens when you least expect it. ALL warnings need to be taken serious.

In the poll below, if I left something out, just mention it in the comments.

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