Thursday, March 23, 2023 12:50 AM

Confirmed tornado touches down in east Los Angeles


Late Wednesday morning a tornado touched down in Montebello leaving behind a trail damage, the Los Angeles National Weather Service confirms. Montebello is just eight miles east of downtown Los Angeles and has a population surpassing 60,000 residents.

As the tornado touched down just before 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, people took to social media posting videos and images of the tornado and the flying debris as the tornado tore through businesses and homes.

As seen in the videos that've hit social media since the tornado touched down, the tornado damaged numerous structures and cars. The Los Angeles National Weather Service is in the process of evaluating the trail of destruction and will assign a rating to the tornado later Wednesday evening according to a post on their official twitter account.

Los Angeles NWS tweet about the Wednesday Montebello tornado

Los Angeles NWS tweet about Montebello tornado

The Los Angeles National Weather Service also confirmed another tornado touched down on Tuesday in Carpinteria. The tornado did cause damage to several mobile homes. The National Weather Service assessed the damage and assigned the tornado a rating of an EF0 with winds up to 75 mph.

Los Angeles NWS tweet about Tuesday's Carpinteria tornado

Los Angeles NWS tweet about Carpinteria tornado

Southern California has been in a favorable location for showers and thunderstorms that at times have had rotation. A potent area of low pressure is to the north of the region, closer to coastal Central California, helping pull in subtropical moisture off the Pacific and providing adequate speed and directional wind shear. Southern California also saw sunbreaks allowing for an increase in instability, especially for inland areas such as Montebello that are removed from the colder influence of the Pacific Ocean. This is an environment favorable for waterspouts and isolated tornadoes.

Local media in Los Angeles confirms one person was injured in Wednesday's tornado. The extent of the injuries are unknown at this time.

California sees 11 tornadoes per year.