U.S. Rainfall Totals

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Looking Back On Bill

The remnants of Bill are miles away from the Southern Plains; however, the impacts are still being felt as runoff (from creeks and rivers) floods lakes (across Texas and Oklahoma) and the cleanup begins. As we predicted on Firsthand Weather, the main threat was flash flooding. That threat came to fruition; many areas saw 3-6″ with isolated 6-14″.

Rainfall Map Of United States:

U.S. Rainfall Totals

Rainfall Map of Oklahoma And Northern Texas:

Oklahoma Rainfall Totals


I also mentioned wind gusts and isolated tornadoes would be a threat with Bill. That also, unfortunately, came to fruition too. Northern Texas, the Coast of Texas, and Southern Oklahoma saw wind gusts between 30-60mph. This downed many trees and power-lines across the areas.

Winds Associated With Bill:

Oklahoma Wind Gusts

Texas Wind Gusts

So how did we do overall? I think the forecast was very accurate overall. The one issue with Bill, however, is the precipitation was mainly to the west of the center. This is unusual, and due to this, my heavy axis of precipitation needed to be shifted to the west by 50 miles.

Firsthand Weather’s Rainfall Forecast For Bill:


Luckily, Bill is over for the Southern Plains; however, the remnants are about to impact the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. These areas will see heavy rainfall (2-4″) over the next day or two. For those of you in the Southern Plains, enjoy the dry weather because it’s about to heat up!

Rainfall Forecast For Mid-Atlantic/Northeast: