Major storm for eastern-third of country, including snow for parts of Alabama & Georgia

A major storm will impact the eastern-third of the country Sunday through Tuesday. This storm is forecast to bring strong winds, severe storms, and snow to areas east of the Mississippi.

The storm will phase with the northern jet stream, which will pull in cold air and allow for snow across parts of the Southeast, Appalachians, Ohio Valley, and Great Lakes. Enough snow may fall, along with cold enough temperatures, to create some travel issues along major Highways & Interstates.

The rain to snow transition will occur late-Sunday night for parts of the Great Lakes & Ohio Valley, and slowly spread southeast throughout Monday. Snow as far south and northern Alabama & northern Georgia can be expected. Along with snow, will be strong northerly winds, which will blow snow, creating low-visibility at times.

Snow forecast late-Sunday into late-Monday

Snow forecast late-Monday