Tuesday, May 24, 2022 3:59 PM

NOAA predicting an above-average Atlantic Hurricane Season

Christopher Nunley

The 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season is expected to feature above-average activity according to NOAA’s latest forecast. NOAA is forecasting 14-21 Named Storms (average 14), 6-10 Hurricanes (average 7), and 3-6 Major Hurricanes (average 3).

NOAA gives the odds of an above-average season of 65%. The reasons for the expected above-average activity are due to La Nina and associated weaker trade winds, warm sea-surface temperatures, and an active West African monsoon. These variables all favor a hyperactive season.

It’s important to note: that just because an above-average season is expected, that does not mean all named systems will impact land but the odds do increase with an above-average season. Also, it only takes ONE system to impact land to cause significant, life-altering impacts.

Here is the list of Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Names for the upcoming 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

The Atlantic Hurricane Season begins June 1 but it is important to begin preparing NOW so you’re ready for hurricane season. Here are a few tips to be prepared in case a tropical system impacts your area: determine your personal hurricane risk, find out if you live in a hurricane evacuation zone, and review/update insurance policies, make a list of items to replenish hurricane emergency supplies and prepare your home for the coming hurricane season.