Nor’easter to slam parts of New England

A developing storm system will wallop parts of New England beginning tonight, continuing through Wednesday. This storm system will really start to ramp up off the coast of New England Tuesday and Wednesday. The strengthening of the system will create some big impacts for coastal and even inland areas across the region.

Storm system off the Northeast Coast

Some of the impacts expected are coastal storm surge and large waves–creating minor beach erosion, heavy rainfall–leading to areas of flooding, and strong winds–that could down trees and create power outages.

One of the largest concerns is the rain that is expected tonight through Wednesday. A widespread 2-5 inches is in the forecast with isolater higher amounts in excess of 7 inches. This will lead to areas of flooding.

Rainfall forecast through Wednesday night

As the low pressure starts to deepen, it will produce strong wind gusts across Long Island and southern and coastal New England Tuesday-Wednesday. Wind gusts up to 60 mph are possible. This will down trees and cause some power outages.

Max wind gust forecast through Wednesday night

Large waves will also smack coastal areas. This paired with a higher storm surge due to the northeast winds piling water onshore will cause coastal eroison.

Max wave height forecast through Wednesday night