Severe Thunderstorms, Snow, and Earthquakes (Only In Oklahoma)

Oklahoma was rattled by the strongest earthquake since 2016 (a 5.0 occurred in November of 2016). The 4.6 occurred just after 7:00AM Central near Perry, Oklahoma. Perry is a small town about 64 miles NNE of Oklahoma City.

Tulsa NWS Tweet


The earthquake particularly stands out because much of the state is receiving snow and freezing rain this morning. This comes off of yesterday’s high temperatures reaching the 80s for southern parts of the state and a threat of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms.

High Temperatures Yesterday (Oklahoma MESONET)

So, how rare is April snow in Oklahoma? Pretty rare! Tulsa recorded snow this morning for only the fourth time it the history of the city for April.

Tulsa NWS Tweet

Only in Oklahoma, can you go from a tornado threat to snow and windchills in the single digits to earthquakes within a 12 hour period!

Today’s Minimum Windchills (Oklahoma MESONET)