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Severe weather comes to the Northeast

Severe weather threat for the Northeast

Severe weather is expected today in the Northeast and the Storm Prediction Center has out most of the region under a slight risk from eastern New York and northeast Pennsylvania up trough all but the south coast of New England   Remaining locations in the aforementioned region are under a marginal risk for severe weather.



Damaging winds and hail are the primary threats as a cold front moves through the region.   Dry conditions are impacting some areas to the north but southerly flow is moistening some areas through the day.

A shortwave trough, now evident in moisture channel imagery, is shifting east through Canada.  This system is bringing a cold front southeast, stretching across New England into the Great Lakes.

This frontal boundary, along with a wind shift from Maine down to the mid-Atlantic will be the primary focus areas for thunderstorm development from mid afternoon into the early overnight hours.

Deep shear is expected to strengthen this afternoon along with upper level height falls as the system approaches this afternoon.   These factors should occur at the same time as the maximum heating and boundary layer destabilization and could lead to supercell and multicellular cluster development.  Early cloudiness was not a major factor as temperatures are climbing into the low 90s to upper 80s in the majority of locations.

Should storms occur in your area, please remember than dangers that thunderstorms and flooding conditions can bring.  If you can hear thunder, you can be struck by lightning and even a small amount of water can float even heavy vehicles.

Stay here with firsthand weather for updates on this developing situation and also keep advised of your NOAA radio or local media sources for instant coverage of warnings in your localities.

Robert Millette

Staff Meterorologist

Firsthand Weather