Monday, April 3, 2023 6:27 PM

Another severe outbreak with strong tornadoes expected Tuesday


March went out like a lion and April is coming in like a lion. Additional high-impact severe weather day is expected Tuesday, April 4.

Severe weather is expected in some of the same locations that saw severe weather just last Friday where there is now a moderate (level 4 of 5) severe risk [red area] for the ArkLaTex region extending north into southern Missouri and across eastern Iowa into western Illionois and northeastern Missouri. Surrounding the moderate severe risk is a large enhanced (level 3 of 5) severe risk [orange area], slight (level 2 of 5) severe risk [yellow area] and marginal (level 1 of 5) severe risk [dark green area] from eastern Texas to southern Wisconsin and into parts of Mississippi and Tennessee. This includes many major metro areas including Dallas, Little Rock, Tulsa, Memphis, Kansas City, St. Louis, Des Moines, and Chicago.

Tuesday's severe risk area

 Tuesday's severe risk area

The severe weather setup on Tuesday is eerily similar to what the region saw last Friday, which means very similar hazards exist, including tornadoes, damaging winds, and large hail. A few to several strong, long-track tornadoes are possible within the risk area, especially in the moderate and enhanced severe risk areas. These tornadoes could be EF2 or stronger. In these same areas, very large hail, larger than golf ball size, and wind gusts of hurricane force are possible.

Have a plan in place and reliable sources to receive warnings from

If you live in any of the risk areas, level 1-4, please make sure you keep up to date with the latest forecast. Have a plan in place in case a warning is issued. And have a couple of reliable, timely sources to receive weather warnings from.