Tuesday, February 28, 2023 6:56 PM

Eyeing the potential for a severe thunderstorm and tornado outbreak for the South this week


The potential for a severe weather and tornado outbreak is increasing for parts of the South later this week from Texas to the Carolinas.

This setup is a battle of the season, which typically brings damaging thunderstorms to this region and this event looks no different. A big dip in the jet stream will dip into the South beginning Wednesday and travel east into Thursday and Friday. This will send a chilly winter-like air mass crashing into a warm, moist spring-like air mass triggering severe thunderstorms. The wind shear, speed, and direction, associated with this setup look to favor vigorous thunderstorms that could rotate producing the potential of tornadoes. The severe weather will continue from Wednesday afternoon through Friday afternoon spanning from the Ark-La-Texas region to the Carolinas.

Wednesday's severe risk

Wednesday's thunderstorm outlook

The initial severe risk begins Wednesday afternoon and evening extending from northern Texas and southern Oklahoma east-northeast into Tennessee and northwestern Georgia. The main concerns look to be large hail, damaging winds, and heavy rainfall, but an isolated tornado risk does exist Wednesday night.

Thursday's severe risk

Thursday's thunderstorm outlook

A substantially higher severe risk exists Thursday afternoon and evening for the eastern half of Texas and the southern half of Oklahoma east into western Georgia. The most widespread, damaging thunderstorms, and potentially strong tornadoes, exist from northern and eastern Texas, into southern Oklahoma, southern and central Arkansas, northern Louisiana, and west-central Mississippi. Strong tornadoes, damaging winds, large hail, and heavy rainfall are possible with the thunderstorms on Thursday. A significant tornado risk will extend into the nighttime hours Thursday.

Friday's severe risk

Friday's thunderstorm outlook

The severe risk continues on Friday across the Southeast extending from central Tenessee and eastern Alabama into the Carolinas. Damaging winds and isolated tornadoes are possible with thunderstorms throughout the day Friday.

If you live in this region, please prepare now and have a plan in case a tornado warning or severe thunderstorm warning is issued for your location. Know where you will shelter and have a plan implemented for quick action. Also, have a few reliable sources to receive speedy, accurate weather warnings and information from.