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Tropical Depression Kilo begins is strengthen

Tropical Depression Kilo, located at 14.5 North and 164.9 West, has a much better look on satellite today and is expected to regain Tropical Storm status sometime this evening to overnight Hawaiian time.  Like Tropical Storm Danny in the Atlantic, Kilo has had a very difficult time with wind shear and has not been able to get enough centralized development together to sustain the energy required of a tropical system but with the wind shear weakening over the last few days and into the forecast time period, he will develop that centralized core. 

Tropical Satellite 2


At this time, Kilo is expected to turn back toward the Hawaiian Islands, moving through a developing weakness in the pacific ridge.  This weakness does not appear to be ready to stick around long however, and he is expected to turn away from the islands despite becoming a Hurricane by that time.  Maritime interests should monitor the conditions in this region as Kilo looks to develop into a powerful Hurricane West of the islands.




Forecaster Robert Millette