Tropical Development off the Southeast Coast

Tropical development is possible off the Southeast coast over the next few days. A broad area of low pressure is currently located over southern Georiga. This area of low pressure is expected to move off the Southeast coast, possibly developing into a Tropical Depression or Tropical Storm. The National Hurricane Center gives this area of low pressure a 30% chance to develop over the next 5 days.

The environmental conditions are expected to be marginally conducive for some slow development over the weekend and into early next week. The low will move into very warm Gulf Stream waters off the Southeast coast, so this will need to be monitored closely. The next name on the 2021 list for the Atlantic is Fred.

It is too early to determine the track if this system develops, but it does appear this system will move out-to-see. This will continue to be monitored. Regardless, it will create dangerous rip currents along the Southeast coast along with rough seas and spot showers for coastal areas.