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Tropical Storm Danny continues westward track.

Tropical Storm Danny continues to struggle with dry air from the Saharan Air layer to his North but remains in conditions favorable for development.  Currently located at 12.1 North and 42.7 West, Danny’s maximum sustained winds remains at 50 mph with a minimum central pressure of 1000 millibars.  While Danny’s deep convection remains organized, as seen on this satellite image, the convection is confined to that area by the dry air entraining  into Danny’s outer bands.


Tropical Satellite


Danny continues to travel West Northwest despite his move South today and remains on track for our last forecast track, with the center of circulation arriving near Montserrat on early Monday.  Danny is still forecast to become a Hurricane as the influence of the dry air weakens over the next day, but even drier air and heavier wind shear is expected once Danny reaches the Windward Islands and the forecast is for Danny to weaken once in the Caribbean.


tracking map



Forecaster Robert Millette