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Hawaiian Tropical Storm Watches cancelled

Tropical Storm Watches have been cancelled for Hawaii.  Tropical Storm Hilda, with maximum sustained winds of 45 mph,  is now 250 miles Southeast of Hilo Hawaii and continuing to stay far enough South of the islands that Tropical Storm impacts are not expected at this time.  The Tropical Storm conditions will likely diminish in the next 24 hours as Hilda continues to weaken into a Tropical Depression.   Currently located at 17.2 North 152.4 West, the center of circulation has begun moving to the Southwest according to visible satellite.  While convective activity continues to pop up near the center of circulation, strong wind shear is continuing to keep this convection in a highly disorganized state as Hilda transitions from a Tropical system into a Remnant Low.

Forecast map

The center of Hilda, seen here exposed to the Southwest of major pockets of convection, is continuing to hold together against the wind shear in the region.  The shear is expected to continue for the next several days and weaken Hilda until her dissipation.  Tropical showers continue to move through the region but are small in size and are moving quickly across the island.

Tropical Satellite


While Hawaii is likely to experience large waves and gusty winds in some tropical downpours.   My forecast does not call for sustained Tropical Storm conditions in the state as Hilda weakens and stay to the South.


Forecaster Robert Millette