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Tropical Storm Kilo Set To Threaten Hawaii

Tropical Storm Kilo, currently located at 13 North and 153.3 West, doesn’t look like much when you look at the system on satellite.  Strong wind shear in the area has kept the center of the circulation exposed and prevented Kilo from fully wrapping the power deep convection that exists in her western quadrants from fully wrapping around the core.  This has kept Kilo at Tropical Storm strength despite the very warm tropical waters beneath her.   This wind shear will begin to diminish this evening and remain weaker over the next few days which will allow Kilo to strengthen.

Tropical Satellite 2

Kilo is taking an very unusual course towards the Hawaiian Islands as she currently moves South of the island chain.   A weakness in the ridge near the islands will develop over the next few days as a stronger ridge builds in West of the region and Kilo will head into this weakness and turn to the North and the Northeast, curving back towards Hawaii similar to storms curving off the Atlantic seaboard.

tracking map 2

The expectation is that Kilo will becomes a Hurricane as she approaches the Island chain and that she will come close enough to give some impacts to the the Western Islands but for the current moment, the outer bands, which can be seen here to the Southeast of the big island, could impact the area with some rains and gusty winds.