Thursday, June 1, 2023 5:33 PM

A tropical storm could develop in the Gulf today


The latest update from the National Hurricane Center has increased the chance for tropical development in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico to a high chance as early as later today.

The system of interest, Invest 91L, now has a high chance of formation. The NHC gives the low pressure in the northeastern Gulf a 70% chance for development over the next 48 hours.

NHC Tropical Outlook

NHC Tropical Outlook

As of Thursday early afternoon, showers and thunderstorms associated with the low pressure have become increasingly organized and it appears environmental conditions will favor further organization and a tropical depression or low-end tropical storm could develop as the low pressure is over very warm surface waters that are between 80 to 85 degrees and wind shear has lessened. That development could occur as early as later this afternoon.

The satellite appearance of the system has really improved overnight and Hurricane Hunters plan on investigating the area later today and again early Friday.

Regardless of development, Florida can expect heavy rainfall of a widespread 2-3 inches that could lead to minor flooding along with strong, gusty winds late this week and weekend.

If this system develops into a tropical storm, it would be named Arlene. Today, June 1, is the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season.