Friday, August 19, 2022 10:28 PM

Tropical Storm Warnings go up for South Texas

A system tracking through the western Gulf of Mexico has a high likelihood of developing into a Tropical Storm, impacting South Texas over the weekend. The disturbance is currently in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico and has officially been designated Potential Tropical Cyclone Four by the National Hurricane Center.

The National Hurricane Center gives this system a high likelihood of developing into a Tropical Storm, thus, Tropical Storm Warnings have been issued for the lower Texas coast where a minor storm surge, gusty winds, and heavy rain are possible this weekend.

PTC4 forecast track

The expected Tropical Storm is forecast to make landfall overnight Saturday possibly just south of Brownsville, Texas as a weak Tropical Storm. Brownsville and the southern tip of Texas is included in the forecast cone from the National Hurricane Center.

Tropical moisture from this system is expected to spread farther north into the state of Texas over later parts of the weekend into next week combined with other moisture and a pattern favorable for rain that could provide areas of beneficial rainfall to drought-stricken areas.

7-day WPC rain forecast

Some of the rainfall in Texas could cause isolated areas of flooding so if you live in a flood-prone area, please be aware of the latest forecast.

If Potential Tropical Cyclone Four does become a Tropical Storm, it would be named Danielle.