Sunday, May 21, 2023 9:02 PM

Tropical disturbance near the Bahamas being monitored for development


The official start of the 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season is a little over a week out, but the National Hurricane Center is already monitoring a broad area of low pressure near the Bahamas for potential of development this week.

This broad area of low pressure is associated with unorganized showers and storms and currently has a low chance for development per the latest outlook from the NHC. The current odds for development are around 10% over the next 48 hours and next 7 days.

NHC 7-Day Tropical Outlook

NHC 7-day tropical outlook

It does appear this disturbance will gradually encounter an environment less favorable for development this upcoming week as it moves over the southwestern Atlantic.

While the hurricane season doesn't begin until June 1, tropical systems in May aren't very unusual but systems that do develop in May typically don't intensify too much.

Firsthand Weather will continue to monitor this disturbance and the Tropical Atlantic Basin over the coming days and weeks/months. While the current forecast calls for a slightly below normal season, it only takes one system impacting coastal areas to cause devastating impacts. If you live along the Gulf Coast or East Coast, it's best to prepare now in case you're impacted by a tropical system this season.