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UPDATE: Lake Texoma History Is Soon To Be Made!

I wanted to do a brief follow-up on the article last night about Lake Texoma. Lake Texoma will go over the spillway for the second time in a month due to the heavy rain associated with Tropical Depression Bill. Many locations within the Lake Texoma watershed picked up 6-13″ of rainfall last night. The current level of the lake is 639.84 feet and continuing to rise fairly quickly, so it should exceed the spillway ‘rim’ within the next hour or two.

Lake Texoma Exceeding Spillway (May 2015):

The lake should crest early next week around 643 feet. Please note, this is historic because the lake has only gone over the spillway four times (1957, 1990, 2007, and May 2015) since the dam was finished in 1944. The most recent flood, May 2015, set an all time record high elevation of over 645.72 feet.