What You Will Get From My Newsletter

I started a newsletter last winter, and people absolutely loved it! It’s a little different than what you get from me on the website or social media, but I really have enjoyed sending it out and interacting with the people who read it. When I first introduced it, I only allowed 2,000 people to signup so I wouldn’t have to pay a monthly fee. I thought that it would take months to reach the 2,000 threshold. It took less than an hour.

I temporarily stopped the newsletter back in September because it was impossible for me to keep it under the 2,000 threshold. Now over 7,000 people are signed up, and I am looking to bring the total subscriber list up to 10,000. So, there are less than 3,000 slots left. Right now, my goal is to begin sending the newsletter out again starting in March.

Many people are skeptical about giving up their emails, so I want to tell you EXACTLY what you’ll be getting out of this newsletter. No, I won’t sell your email to anyone, and I won’t spam you. This is just a great way for me to send you a forecast directly to your email, and you can know for sure that you’ll see it. When you signup, you will have to confirm that you signed up, and it may be in your spam initially, so make sure you mark it as not spam. By the way, I have the link at the very end of the article where you can signup!

But before you signup, let me tell you what you’ll get out of this newsletter!!

A Weekly Forecast For Your Region:

I will be sending out a weekly forecast for the entire United States. When there is a lot going on for a particular region, I may talk about that area a bit more than the rest. Let me use some recent examples. I may have focused more on the Rockies snow, the Southern winter storms, the Boston snow, the Arctic blasts, etc. if I had sent out a newsletter over the past few weeks. I will always do my best to never leave anyone out, and always know that your region will get more attention from me when you have more going on. There may be exceptions to that when there is a lot going on for a large portion of the United States, but in most cases, there shouldn’t be any issues.

Weekly Announcements:

In that same newsletter, you will be getting weekly announcements regarding the articles and updates that will be coming out that upcoming week. If I plan on posting a spring or severe weather outlook, hurricane forecast, winter forecast, etc., you will likely find out about it before someone who uses the Firsthand Weather site but isn’t signed up for this newsletter.

Long-range Forecasts:

This will be on occasion and will be in the form of a special newsletter that I will send out every few weeks. These will be forecasts that you may not see on the site or social media for several days or maybe even weeks. There are many times when I see something very early, but I don’t post it on the site or Facebook simply because it would be too early and cause more harm than good. You MUST take these forecasts responsibly and realize that changes will have to be made. In other words, you will get an inside look at some of the forecasts before they go out to the public. Again, this will be only on occasion.

More Responses and Interaction From Me:

When you signup for this newsletter, you will have my email address and will be able to send in some questions and feedback. I do draw a fine line between what’s important and what’s not. On social media, you may ask a question and not get a good response, simply because it either gets lost in everyone else’s comments or I don’t have time. It gets difficult trying to respond to hundreds (sometimes thousands) of comments, messages, and emails each day.

Let me give you an example of where you would likely get a response from me and when you wouldn’t. If you wanted to know how many inches of snow you’re going to get in your backyard during a certain time, then you probably won’t get a response. But say, you have plans to be driving from location a to location b and want to know what the weather could be like along that route, then I should be able to help you with planning situations like that. All I ask is that you don’t abuse that privilege. With so many people signed up, it becomes difficult to respond to everyone. Save this privilege for very special situations only for planning purposes.

Almost All Of You Will Have Access To The Firsthand Weather App Before Everyone Else Does:

So I saved the best for last! If you signup for this newsletter, many of you will get to test out the Firsthand Weather mobile app. At first, I’m going to have a very small group from the newsletter group testing it out, but over time, many of you will be able to download it. If you choose, you will be able to give feedback by telling me which features are important to you and which are not. In reality, the subscribers will play a big part in building this app. Some work is already done, but there is much more that isn’t done.

On top of all of that, you will get to test out other Firsthand Weather products and services. This will be an ongoing process. Basically, if you want to be involved, you can, but if you don’t and only want to read the forecasts, that is completely fine, too! My goal is to make Firsthand Weather better, and I want as many people as possible to play an active role in making that a reality.


If all of that sounds great to you, then signup by clicking here! You will have to go to your email to confirm that you signed up. Again, check your spam if it isn’t in your inbox! I can’t wait to have all of you on board, and if you have any questions, please let me know!