When could you see your first snow of the season?

As we approach December, many who have yet to see the first snow of the season, will see their first snow this upcoming month. Parts of the Great Lakes, Plains, and West have already recorded the first snow of the season. Even western Texas recorded its first snow earlier this season.

If you have yet to see your first snow of the season and are curious when you may, you’re in luck. Numbers from the National Weather Service’s 30-year average database was analyzed to find the date by which the season’s first measurable snow occurs.

Looking at the graphic, October is typically the first month for snowfall in the northern Rockies, the northern Great Lakes, and the northern tip of the Northeast. As we progress through October into November, the average first snowfall spreads equatorially. By December, most states will experience the first snowfall of the season outside of the areas near the Gulf of Mexico.