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Winter makes an appearance across parts of the country next week while warmth dominates other areas

Whether you love warmth or cold, we’ll have in across the lower-48 next week. A highly amplified weather pattern next week will deliver below-average temperatures to the western half of the country while eastern areas will experience above-average temperatures. Find out more about this weather pattern and why it’s establishing itself next week.

The cool shaded colors (blue) depict below-average temperatures while the warm shaded colors (red) depict above-average temperatures.

Fig. 1: Temperature departure from average forecast next week

Along with the cooler temperatures out west, an active weather pattern will lead to above-average precipitation while areas east of the Mississippi River will have near to below-average precipitation.

The green colors depict above-average precipitation while the brown colors depict below-average precipitation.

Fig. 2: Precipitation departure from average forecast next week

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