Wintry Precipitation Tuesday Into Wednesday

Wintry precipitation is possible today into Wednesday for parts of the South and Southeast. Cold surface temperatures are already in place across these regions, but another reinforcing surge of colder air is advecting southward as an arctic high builds across northern parts of the country. This will set the stage for wintry precipitation across these regions.

Precipitation Chances
A mid-level shortwave will move in from the west, generating lift, which will create light precipitation from Texas and eventually into parts of the Southeast late Tuesday night into Wednesday. Amounts should remain light, less than 2/10ths of an inch, but it does not take much freezing precipitation to cause issues. The areas shaded in pink have a chance to see freezing rain/drizzle, and the areas shaded in blue have the chance to see light snow/flurries. Parts of the Texas Panhandle, Kansas, northern North Carolina, and eastern Virginia may see light snow accumulations.

Wintry Precipitation Forecast

More wintry precipitation is likely by Thursday for the Southeast. I will have an update on that forecast later today.